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June 01, 2023

Episode Aired o1:
I Feature Fight Series 

Motivaion is key to uplifting displacements, it gives stronger vigoration and support. I feature series of motivationals aimed at this. 

July 01, 2023

Episode Aired 02:
I Feature NEVER Give Up

Giving up is more then failure, and we all reach this at some point, my series are made to M'Power and overcome.   

August 01, 2023

Episode Aired 03:
Focus On Your Time 

My motivationals are not just good for lifting the mindstate, its good for insuring direction and money making. 

Model, Matchmaker, Activist, & Sol Surviovor, your crypto queen of all trades now works as corporate spokesmodel here with GRIDBX WMF! I produce celebrity motivationals and power speeches that talk on helping M'Power the menatally displaced, corporate professionals, non-profits, human rights volunteers and the world around. I help fuel their humanity aimed careers by producing rich motivational media. 

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